Welcome to the YourSpec Wiring Project Manager!


The YourSpec Wiring Project Manager makes it easy to order custom processed wire for your project to save time and money.
You can use this site to create a "Wiring Project" which outlines every wire and pin in your project and any processing you would like.
Once finished, you can view pricing information and place an order if desired.

YourSpec Wire can perform the following processes on your wire:

  • Wire Marking: Label your wire with a custom message to indicate its purpose for easy installation and diagnostics
  • Wire Stripping: Strip the ends of your wire to your exact specification
  • Wire Tinning: Tin the ends of your wire for use in various terminals
  • Pin Crimping: Crimp the pins on your wire to save you time and money

To learn more about this tool and example use cases, see our About YourSpec Wiring Project Manager page.

Wiring Project Manager Changelog

Date Change
July 9 2024
  • Changed bulk pricing to be wire and pin specific
  • Added complete wire list to reference page
  • Added bulk discount information to wire and pin lists on reference page
July 3 2024
  • Added shield crimping capability to shielded cables
  • Improved project purchase speed and display
  • Fixed bugs with revision change date display
  • Fixed bugs with stripping and crimping selections with cables
June 26 2024
  • Change minimum wire length to 9"
  • Minor display tweaks
May 9 2024
  • Fixed a bug causing tinning pricing to not display correctly in the total price breakdown (actual price not affected)
April 29 2024
  • Fixed a bug causing multi conductor cables to lose their outer strip parameters
April 15 2024
  • Added guided editing mode
  • Improved search result page details
April 3 2024
  • Added new project type option called "unlisted" (hides project from search but makes it accessible via direct link)
  • Improved sorting for wire types and colors
  • White is automatically selected after picking a wire type and gauge
  • Fixed a bug causing a problem when selecting a cable that matched the color/gauge of a previously selected wire
  • Improved handling of project/wire errors and warnings and added some additional warning cases
  • Improved pin display drop down in project editor
  • Crimping is now automatically toggled on when selecting a new pin
March 13 2024
  • Added wire warning information on view project screen
March 12 2024
  • Improved search accuracy
  • When ordering a wiring project, storefront descriptions are now more clear that raw materials are being listed and not line items
  • Fixed an issue where some project descriptions showed empty space at the beginning
  • Fixed an issue where setting one end of an inner conductor to being stripped set the other end to a strip length of 1
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a pin could cause the inner conductor to be set as stripped
  • Marking a wire end as stripped that has a pin selected now defaults to the optimal strip length
  • Corrected issue preventing the "My Projects" page from showing projects past the first page
  • Optimed pagination for public projects searching
  • Added a warning when using lowercase letters in wire marking text
  • Fixed issues with wire marking sample images in reference guide
Feb 28 2024
  • Fixed issue causing inner conductors to set strip length to 1mm when cable is marked as stripped
Feb 27 2024
  • Fixed issue where single conductor shielded cables did not correctly show inner conductors
Feb 23 2024
  • Fixed bulk updating of feet/inches for values of 0
  • Fixed bulk updating of crimping flag when bulk pin update could not apply to certain wires
  • Fixed an issue where marked an inner conductor as crimped would not set the cable to being stripped
  • Fixed issue changing wire gauge when new gauge would exclude currently selected and crimped pin
Feb 20 2024
  • Added product request page
Jan 31 2024
  • Improved mobile usability (project editing not yet supported)
  • Improved project validation and handling of multi conductor cables
Jan 16 2024
  • Fixed bug preventing future selections when shift-selecting wires in the edit view
  • Added the ability to use the batch update wires with cable inner conductors
  • Fixed bug with cable inner conductor names not appearing in view project pages
Jan 12 2024
  • Wire strip tails are enabled by default when selecting stripping
  • Added the ability to control inner conductor end processing for cables
  • Added ability to control strip processing for cable outer layer
  • Corrected an issue with ordering inches of two conductor cable
  • Added one, three, and four conductor tefzel cable
  • Fixed an issue with wire number row for viewing and exporting project CSV

Pricing Information

View our latest custom wire and wire processing pricing information here.
Each tab represents a pricing model that can be applied to your project.
Each pricing model can offer different discounts depending on some limiting factors in your project.
While working on your project ensure you meet the requirements of the pricing model you would like to use.

Price Model Information

All Orders
Bulk discounts for most wires and pins
Bulk discount extended across wires for same type/gauge/color
Marking base rate of $1.00 per wire and $0.01 per foot
Stripping single conductor base rate of $0.06 per strip
Multi conductor wire end processing fee $0.50
Crimping base rate of $5.00 per pin type and $0.45 per crimp
Tinning base rate of $0.10 per tinned end
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